Solutions Overview

Data Solutions

The KIDOS project seeks to assist communities in establishing new data systems or enhancing existing data collection structures in order to better understand the process and impact of local developmental screening initiatives.

Communities across Kansas have diverse data needs and experience. Some locations may have fully up-and-running data systems which already collect early childhood developmental screening information. For communities such as these, the KIDOS project may assist the community in setting up a system of reports to provide local partners information on the status of developmental screenings within the community and spotlight areas of strength and those in need of attention. Other communities may be in the initial stages of implementing a comprehensive community screening system. For these communities, the KIDOS project can provide in-depth data collection guidance including assisting with selecting appropriate early childhood screening instruments and data collection systems. One such system previously identified by the KIDOS Workgroup is the ASQ Enterprise system, an online system for organizing developmental screening programs and managing data.

The KIDOS project is committed to working with all interested communities to understand how data can assist their efforts to build and strengthen systems ensuring all infants and toddlers receive developmental screenings.

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