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Develop system for tracking and collecting shared measures

Purpose: To introduce available systems for effectively collecting and organizing screening data.

ASQ Enterprise Info

ASQ Enterprise flyer

ASQ Enterprise Starter Packet

Community Use of ASQ-3TM and ASQ:SE Spreadsheets and Program Reports

ASQ-3TM and ASQ:SE Spreadsheet and Program Report Instructions

ASQ-3TM and ASQ:SE (download the customizable Excel spreadsheets)

Sample data sharing agreement for community partners: download the customizable Word document or the PDF to view

Understanding Memorandums of Understanding and Data Sharing Agreements

Develop an action plan

Purpose: To determine the strategies the Community Implementation Team will undertake in order to reach the common vision.

Developing a plan for change worksheet: download the customizable Word document

Shaping the Path Instructions

Shaping the Path worksheet: download the customizable Word document

Shaping the Path example